Projects from industry

Below you can find case studies among organizations already using Essence.

Munich Re

Munich Re reached out for external help to overcome this situation and engaged Ivar Jacobson International (IJI), a global services company that provides consulting, coaching and training solutions for customers implementing enterprise-scale agile software development. Munich Re determined that the company needed a common view or a kernel to describe the specifics of each individual project. Therefore IJI introduced “ESSENCE” at Munich Re. 

The OMG ESSENCE standard continues to play an important role at Munich Re for several reasons: it guarantees consistency across the board for all software development projects; it helps create a learning organization by providing a solid basis and framework for the discussion and integration of learning; it helps the teams in their daily work to measure progress and health; and it helps Munich Re in scaling agile. 

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Assian telecommunications

IJI consultants worked with the internal process department to formulate a transformation strategy with the objective of introducing an agile operating model based on SEMAT’s Essence and IJI’s sustainable change framework. The strategy and the “to-be” operating model were communicated to executives, department heads, line managers and other key stakeholders to gain consensus and establish a common vision. At the same time, there was on-going work to improve development, test capabilities and infrastructure, including the establishment of a continuous integration/delivery environment.

Within a very short timeframe, the partnership achieved significant quantifiable benefits, including:

  • agile transformation of 1200 people within ninemonths
  • product teams transitioned rapidly to agile way of working and achieved a three-fold reduction in delivery cycle time
  • business representatives were fully engaged in the development process
  • organization silos were replaced with collaborative partnerships
  • reduction of delivery cycle time from 3 months to 1 month
  • the numbers of production defects were reduced dramatically
  • reduced cross-product integration lead time
  • increased automation – continuous integration and delivery
  • end-to-end (business-development-operations) disciplined and agile way of working.

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Global internet services company

Ivar Jacobson International provided a three-day workshop on the Essence standard to the development team.

I think it’s a very useful tool,” said the team lead. “I can see how it helps teams engage with all stakeholders and provides a good barometer or health-check on the project and team. Even if you have a very strong engineering team, it can help highlight discrepancies and potential misconceptions between team members and help ensure everyone is working toward the same goal.

Read the full report here.