11 The Development Journey

In Chapter 10, we showed how Smith's team conducted one single iteration using Essence through the Plan-Do-Check-Adapt cycle. In this chapter, we will walk through how Smith's team's journey would continue to successful completion and discuss how Essence helps the team ensure progress and health. Specifically, we show

  • the importance of tracking progress during a development endeavor; and
  • the ways Essence facilitates progress tracking, via surfacing all of the essential dimensions so that an accurate progress assessment is visible and timely actions can be taken.


After studying this chapter, you should be able to

  • name different aspects of software engineering that are worthy of progress checking (e.g., requirements met, artifacts developed, defects found, defects fixed);
  • explain what the cumulative flow diagram is and how it can be used to track progress;
  • explain the means Essence provides to facilitate progress tracking; and
  • explain what the radar diagram is and how it can be used to track progress balance among different alphas.