Practices with deck of cards

Card Games developed by Ivar Jacobson International (IJI) to get started with Scrum powered by Essence

The authors provide cards to print out easily, game descriptions, as well as experience reports at their blog:

Practice Patience

An important part of Scrum is for the team to regularly inspect itself and create a plan for improvements. This team game utilises the Essence cards to identify and prioritize these improvements, and in this example we’ll do it for Scrum itself.


Practice Mapping

The Practice Mapping game applies this to the content of a practice, Scrum in this example. Use it to test the understanding of individuals or small groups, particularly as part of a training event.


Contract Bridge

Scrum Teams do not work in isolation but need to effectively integrate into the business environment involving the right customers and stakeholders in the right events. At the right time and in the right way. This involves setting up the appropriate relationships between the various parties involved. Doing this upfront using the practice cards means nothing is forgotten and avoids the pain when assumptions made are not met.